Founded in 2009 by a group of industrial fastening professionals, Montana brings decades of experience together, producing a complete range of pneumatic, gas and electric tools, together with the associated collated fasteners.


Montana stands for

Professional quality
Competitive price
Product innovation
ISO 9001 manufacturing standards
ISO 14001 environmental standards
EC5/EN14592 compliance



Bild föreställande: Guarantee
Bild föreställande: Warranty
Bild föreställande: Spare parts
Montana® tools are all CE certified, and conform to ISO 9001/14001 quality and environmental standards.
Our Taiwanese producers provide us professional, modern tools, which are durable, reliable and meet every market demand.

Montana® tools are covered for 12 months against any defect arising from faulty materials or workmanship.
We guarantee to supply spare parts for a minimum of 5 years after a tool has been withdrawn from the market.

What we offer


Professional quality Montana® branded tools

Industrial markets
Air coil nailers
Air strip nailers
Air staplers/bradders/pinners

Construction markets
Cordless gas strip nailers
Cordless gas bradders
Cordless gas concrete nailer
Air coil nailers
Air strip nailers
Air staplers/bradders/pinners
Cordless electric collated screwdrivers
Mains electric collated screwdrivers

Montana® branded fasteners

We offer a very broad range
MQ loose nails
Collated nails
Wire coil
Plastic sheet coil
Plastic strip
Paper D Head strip
Paper Offset strip
Collated staples, brads and pins
Plastic belt collated screws
Loose screws

All fasteners are made to tight specifications, and conform to the appropriate EU Standards.

Montana® pricing policy

Consistently competitive pricing on all our tools and fasteners.
Our mix of high quality and low pricing = profit for the dealer!!